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Selling Your Home

Whether it's been years since you purchased your home or you're flipping an investment, we'll review your file, perform a market analysis, and create a marketing plan that suits your needs and gets your property sold at top dollar.

  • Market Analysis

    • Residential real estate pricing is driven by recent comparable sales and by demand. But what direction is the market heading in? Is it a "seller's market" or a "buyer's market" or somewhere in between? Don't leave thousands of dollars on the table by mis-pricing your property for the wrong market.

  • Marketing Plan

    • Regardless of the market, the more potential buyers see your property, the more chance you'll get the best price. Learn how creating a multi-pronged marketing strategy using tried and true methods along with cutting edge innovative tech will set your property apart from others

  • Seller protection

    • Transferring property can carry a lot of risks if not done properly. Let us help you mitigate these risks with the proper preparation and disclosure. Call today to see how!

Buying Your Next Home

Buying a home in any market can be stressful. Let me lead you through this process, eliminate the stress and make it enjoyable as you and your family transition from one home to another. You’re buying a home! Shopping should be fun!

Investment Planning

Thinking about investing in real estate? Avoid pitfalls and learn the metrics successful investors watch to make the most out of their investment capital. A common saying is "all investments carry risks." Working with me, arm yourself with knowledge to minimize your risk and maximize your return as you build your real estate investment portfolio. Whether the markets are changing, are on a dramatic upswing or downswing, profits can be realized with the right strategy and game plan. Call me today to help create and act on your strategy!

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